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The Mindset Of A Business Owner

Module 1: We dive deep into why investing in yourself is is the best investment you can make. We also discuss why advertising is the only way to create the business of your dreams.

VALUE: £499

Why Facebook & Instagram Adverts?

Module 2: I explain why Facebook Inc is the best place to put your advertising pounds. Find out why building your customer database is the like McDonalds opening a restaurant in your town.

VALUE: £499  

How To Create Amazing Offers

Module 3: Here I show you offers that work and how to think about structuring your offer so that it enables selling courses and packages. I also explain why "Selling the cow" is a bad idea.

VALUE: £499

Writing Attractive Adverts

Module 4: I show you how to write sexy adverts that convert strangers into customers! We also give you a step-by-step checklist to follow. Your written ad copy will never suck again!

VALUE: £999

Creating Content That Converts

Module 5: We look at videos and images which will get customers into excited about your treatments, what equipment you should buy and give you "The Perfect Video Ad Formula"

VALUE: £1999

How To Become A Boss At Selling

Module 6: Sales will never be a dirty 5 letter word again! I explain the difference between solving Internal vs external problems and provide you with a winning sales script.

VALUE: £1499

But that's not all! Join today and get these incredible BONUSES:

BONUS #1: Facebook Group

Bonus 1: An amazing paid members only community of people that are growing their Clinics so you can learn from them, avoid making the same mistakes, and ACCELERATE YOUR RESULTS...

BONUS #2: Customer Support

Bonus 2: Hands-on 24/7 customer and support for those times when you need help with whatever problems you are currently having, we will help you resolve it.

BONUS #3: Coaching Calls

Bonus 3: These weekly coaching calls are designed to discuss any questions, concerns and your current progress so we can help you move forward with growing your clinic as fast as possible.

BONUS #4: Messenger Bot

Bonus 4: Learn to build Messenger Bots using ManyChat and start building up your list of targeted leads and later down the line, re-market to them with special promotions on special occasions like Valentine, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mothers Day, Christmas and etc... FOR FREE!

BONUS #5: Ads Mastery

Bonus 5: Learn In-Depth Facebook targeting as we show you how to target the right people and use the data to your advantage. We will show you how you can quickly build an audience even if you don't have an email list. That's not all, learn how to setup lookalikes like a pro. You can't forget setting up Facebook tracking pixels so you can re-target people with the right ads.

BONUS #6: All Future Content & Updates...

Bonus 6: Tonnes of other current goodies and lifetime future update.

The ONLY Accredited Marketing Course For The Aesthetics Industry

Join "Get Aesthetic Customers Masterclass" and get full access today!

Total Value: Over £5,900

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"Our aesthetic clinic is fully booked!"​

"We were excited to wake up to new appointments everyday!"​

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